Rock, Marseille, France

Originating from the south of France, Harmonic Generator is a five piece, firebrand guitar, heavy rock outfit. Starting their career in their teen years performing original rock songs in their homeland, the band set sail for Australia where, in 2011, they picked up management, recorded their first studio single 'Dead On The Ground' and toured downunder with fantastic results. Upon the band's return to Marseille, they continued performing their new, harder edged show, their ever expanding fanbase continue to be entrenched in the bands evolution, further building their reputation as a band to watch. In 2012 Harmonic Generator returned to Australia, via a short tour in the UK, and recorded 10 tracks with world renowned producer Mark Opitz and fellow producer, Colin Wynne, in Melbourne. This new producer / artist relationship created an immediate chemistry that lead to a significant directional change. The first six tracks took a similar line to the band's youth with a noticeably harder edge, but its what followed that had the bands genre excitingly evolve. Emerging from Thirty Mill Studio with a further four tracks morphed into far heavier, far darker, far more compelling sound, best described as a cross between old school 70's heavy rock and today's nu metal. After completing a second successful tour of Australia, the band returned to France, continue live shows and prepare for the release of their debut video single 'Nobody Dies' in November 2012.